The Mystery of the Op-Shop Book

Can you solve this mystery? #mymorwell #myvalley

The Crystal Brown Witch

A while back, maybe around 2 years or more ago, I purchased two books from an Op-Shop in Traralgon that I intended to cut up and use in decoupage. One was a dictionary, the other The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Quotations. The latter cost me one dollar and was put away for later use as I cut up the dictionary first to use on my current decoupage project.
Yesterday I grabbed the book and popped in my craft box destined for use in the jewellery class I tutor at the local Neighbourhood House in Moe. I was intending to teach the class how to make glass tile pendants and I had an idea that would require the use of printed words from the book.

This book had been kicking around my craft room for some time and this was to be the first time I really looked at it. I…

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