“Get Stuffed” in Latrobe Valley

“Growing good food, good health and local jobs in the Latrobe Valley” is the motto of this initiative by Reactivate: Latrobe Valley which seeks to “strengthen the local food economy, create jobs and improve community health”. One of the main goals is to “create local jobs and and new industries through the local food economy. By doing this it will alleviate the impacts of wealth disparity and social marginalisation, while making food more readily available.”

This project is run by a dedicated team of local food growers and advocates, in partnership with ReActivate Latrobe Valley. It brings together a long list of partners and supporters from the Latrobe Valley and beyond including :

“Get Stuffed” is a movement which aims to connect food producers and food consumers in the Latrobe Valley, in order to develop a more self-reliant and resilient food network.It represents an alternative to the global food model, a model which often sees food travelling long distances before it reaches the consumer. The local food network involves relationships between food producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers in Latrobe Valley, where they work together to increase food security and ensure the economic, ecological and social sustainability of the community.

Check out the “incredible edible” effort at Todmorden in the UK for an example of a successful local food network where a community works toward the same goals of growing their own food.

“Get Swapped” is one of the projects that comes out of the Get Stuffed project where vegetable boxes are placed in locations where community members can share fresh fruit and vegetables that might otherwise go to waste. You can see some of the locations in the posts below.





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