National Science week at Powerworks

PowerWorks will be open every day during National Science Week between 10:00am and 3:00pm. There will open access to the displays with guided tours of the complex and some of the more significant points of interest in the surrounds.

PowerWorks overlooks the huge, recently closed, Morwell / Hazelwood open-cut brown coal mine.

Your hosts will be able to explain some of the engineering challenges that need to be overcome in rehabilitating the mine, as well as its 75-year history. The tours will appeal to all ages, from primary school-age and up, providing both a historical and technical perspective of Victoria’s brown coal industry.

The PowerWorks museum includes interactive, scientific displays and models of the gigantic boilers and dredgers that have (and continue to be) relied upon to maintain the stable and reliable supply of electricity that has helped build Victoria’s economy. See the science of converting brown coal into steam and then electricity and the advancement of higher-efficiency, lower-emission technologies which are now in use elsewhere in the world.

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