Repair Cafe in Latrobe Valley

After a successful event in September the Repair Cafe will be back at Morwell Neighbourhood House on October 21st at 10am.

Mending, fixing and repairing comes with a free smile.

Last month the Latrobe Valley embraced a global movement placing screwdrivers in hands and keeping hard rubbish off the streets.At the event there were five volunteer local repairers and one repairer who drove from Melbourne Repair Cafe movement  to join in. 

There were  people who signed up to be repairers and  they mended a bag, and a cardigan,  they cleaned a harmonica & reassembled it and 2 small electrical items that are in progress to be repaired ( they need a couple of parts but they are both repairable).  They investigated & found out what the problem was with one lap top, and sharpened some knives & baked some bread. 

“Superfrank” , Tracie and Olam preparing for the Cafe.

Tracie Lund, the Morwell Neighbourhood House Co-ordinator said “A number of items now have a second lease on life. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many passionate & talented people with a common purpose of sharing skills, learning new things with a focus on sustainability & environment.” 

This was a hugely successful first run and it seems like this will become a fixture at the neighbourhood house. You can find out more and attend the next event in October by clicking here.

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