Getting it made in Morwell

Almost 30 Earthworkers turned out on Sunday 23rd August for a Working Bee at the new manufacturing cooperative factory space in Morwell. A massive day of dusting, cleaning, moving equipment, inspiring conversations and cooperation in action.

It was wonderful to see some dusty factory offices that had been sitting empty & idle in Morwell for many years, abuzz with volunteers preparing the space for active local cooperative occupants.

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And it is exciting to see the factory floor yet another step closer to full production of premium solar hot water tanks (and now much less dusty!). Some steel tanks have been produced for testing and certification, and step-by-step (as a community-funded project) earthworker is continuing to commission the complete production line.

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Over the past few weeks, the Morwell manufacturing cooperative has taken some exciting steps towards production, with the welding up of tanks for testing and certification! Here’s Geoff showing us how it’s done – great to see machines in action again!

The Victorian state government has just announced allocation of $5 million dollars to deliver  solar installations and energy efficiency upgrades to the 1000 households in greatest need in the Latrobe Valley. ”This program will help some of Victoria’s most vulnerable households to make practical upgrades that reduce their energy bills”, says Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio.

This move comes as great news for Earthworkers long-running campaign asking the Andrews government to install our locally manufactured solar hot water into public housing (you can still sign the petition here).

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