The Invisibles – A Feature Length Documentary

Behind the headlines about domestic violence and abuse within families are real children, who need help rebuilding shattered lives. The Invisibles is an inspiring documentary telling the story of five young people who have experienced adversity and trauma that most of us can only imagine. The film follows these young people as they prepare to take part in the Berry Street Debutante Ball. For most of them, the Deb Ball signifies the first time in their lives they are able to be seen, and to be celebrated. The documentary shows the immense courage and resilience of these young people in the face of their experience. We see the local community rallying around these young people, to show them that they are valuable, and to set them on a path for success. To learn more about Berry Street’s work visit

Public Lecture – ‘General Sir John Monash, Engineer, Soldier & Nation Builder’

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A public lecture – ‘General Sir John Monash, Engineer, Soldier & Nation Builder’ is being held as part of the Annual Australasian Mining History Association Conference at Traralgon.

The Public Lecture is being presented by LtCol Bernard Mulholland RFD JP.

The event is being held on Wednesday, 27th September 2017, at 7.30 pm at the Traralgon Tennis Centre

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General Sir John Monash GCMG, KCB, VD was a civil engineer and an Australian military commander of the First World War. He commanded the 13th Infantry Brigade before the war and then, shortly after its outbreak, became commander of the 4th Brigade in Egypt, with whom he took part in the Gallipoli campaign. In July 1916 he took charge of the newly raised 3rd Division in northwestern France and in May 1918 became commander of the Australian Corps, at the time the largest corps on the Western Front. The successful Allied attack at the Battle of Amiens on 8 August 1918, which expedited the end of the war, was planned by Monash and spearheaded by British forces including the Australian and Canadian Corps under Monash and Arthur Currie. Monash is considered one of the best Allied generals of the First World War and the most famous commander in Australian history.

He later setup the SECV and his statue sits at Powerworks in Morwell.

Magpie season is starting early.

It looks like Collingwood won’t make the finals in 2017 however nature’s own magpies are starting to appear and swooping cyclists.

A Gippsland cyclist last week took to website Magpie Alert, where the birds’ victim share swooping hotspots, to report he came under fire on Normanby Pl in Warragul.

Tips compiled by Magpie Watch to ward off the black-and-white dive-bombers include:

  • Staying clear of known magpie nesting sites
  • Tell others about the sites and informing local council
  • Staying calm; if you panic and flap then this is more likely to appear as aggressive behaviour and provoke a further attack
  • Wear sun glasses and with a hat to protect your head and eyes
  • Get off your bike and walk if attacked while cycling
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat or carry an umbrella

Video of a magpie attacking a cyclist. Warning: Some colourful language is used:

Art of Darkness – ABC Open

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Artist Pezaloom is photographed at the Yallourn Power Station in the Latrobe Valley in eastern Victoria, where he has spent most of his life. 


Pezaloom is an emerging visual and sound artist from Morwell, Victoria. In 2009 he was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease, which upturned his world and gave rise to a rare creative vision.

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Image by Pezaloom 

The juxtaposition of beauty and ugliness, tenderness and fear, desire and anxiety runs through all of Pezaloom’s work, challenging ideas of the body in art, cognitive functionality, ideas of the erotic, and systems of control. Since being diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s, his work in visual and sound art has mostly been driven by an exploration of the physical and mental symptoms of his illness, even using these symptoms as tools to create his own distinctive style of artistic expression. Pezaloom’s photographic images, digital manipulations, videos and sound-scapes are a visceral reaction to his condition, challenging the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease.

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He was recently Interviewed by ABC Gippsland about his work and living in Morwell. 


You can find Pezaloom on soundcloudfacebook or his website.


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A haunting image of the pine plantations near Morwell by Pezaloom