Our hopes for the future of Morwell Exhibition

This free exhibition evolved from research into recovery from the Hazelwood mine fire. We listened and clearly heard that people wanted to do something positive about Morwell and to be part of conversations about the future.
Many community members and groups have contributed to the conversation and this photographic exhibition is the result of these discussions. Photographer Clive Hutchison beautifully captures their hopes for the future.
All are welcome.
Morwell Neighbourhood House, researchers from Federation University Australia involved in the Hazelwood Health Study, and the Gippsland Centre for Art and Design, Federation University have joined forces to co-host this exhibition
At the switchback gallery from 14th November. Find out more 

The Invisibles – A Feature Length Documentary

Behind the headlines about domestic violence and abuse within families are real children, who need help rebuilding shattered lives. The Invisibles is an inspiring documentary telling the story of five young people who have experienced adversity and trauma that most of us can only imagine. The film follows these young people as they prepare to take part in the Berry Street Debutante Ball. For most of them, the Deb Ball signifies the first time in their lives they are able to be seen, and to be celebrated. The documentary shows the immense courage and resilience of these young people in the face of their experience. We see the local community rallying around these young people, to show them that they are valuable, and to set them on a path for success. To learn more about Berry Street’s work visit https://www.berrystreet.org.au