‘Spirit of Warragul’ returns to service

On the 13th of May 2017 Steamrail Victoria operated a special return tour with A² 986 – The Spirit of Warragul, here we see the train powering through Oakleigh on the down line to Warragul, where it would spend an hour in the station then depart for Traralgon to be turned and refuelled before returning to Melbourne.

Warragul station was packed with people eager to greet the newly-named Spirit of Warragul on its first passenger service, and to check out the small festival held in Queen Street Park to celebrate the occasion.Read More..

Thirty-one years ago, A2 986 was on display at Warragul’s Rotary Park. After a 30-year restoration project, the 102-year-old steam locomotive today made its way back to its old home town. Image: Baw Baw Citizen